Time Sensitive..GIFT CARDS

In case you haven't heard, 
TPT is having a 2-day sale today,
Monday, April 6
Tuesday, April 7th.
I know you are working so hard to meet the new goals and objectives of this different type of education for your students. I want to see if I can help in several ways. Read the fine print at the bottom to help you out.

  1. I have put my ENTIRE STORE on sale for up to 25% discount. Use the code FORYOU at checkout to get your entire discount on any items.
  2. I have 11 TPT gift cards to give away. I will be giving them away today and tomorrow in FLASH giveaways. The cards are of varying amounts and I will give away 1 or more during each giveaway. 
  3. Today you can find the giveaways:
    Superteach56 Special Ed Spot Facebook page
    Superteach blog today. 

    It is a first come first served giveaway.
  4. Tomorrow you can find the  giveaways:

    INSTAGRAM SUPERTEACH56. All you will have to do is email me at Superteach56@gmail.com.  It is a first come first served giveaway. 

HINT: ALL give aways will take place between the hours of 5:30  PM ET and 10:00 PM ET  both days

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