Halloween BASIC SKILLS...BOO👻🎃

Basic skills are a must all year round to keep those foundation skills sharp...especially in a classroom serving students with disabilities. I found that times around holidays, days off were often a great time to focus on honing these basic skills so I liked to have multiple packs of the same skill in different themes. For instance, I often had a basic set of letter cards to work on letter recognition and then I would have additional sets for special times such Labor Day, Christmas, New Years..etc. This way, it brought a variety with the change in themes but I was still working on the same skills if needed.
Today I thought I share with you a few of these items from my store for Halloween/Fall

Here a few items with Halloween and/or fall themes that you may find useful.

 Letter Recognition

This quick and easy to prepare resource provides practice recognizing letters. Provided with the packet of cards is a set of assessment worksheets to aid in tracking progress.

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Letter Sound Recognition

In this Halloween themed resource, students match letters to matching letters and letters to picture that begins with the matching initial sound.

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Number Recognition, Naming and 1 to 1 Correspondence

This versatile resource can be used as a file folder activity or as a matching game. Students match a number to candy corns on a pumpkin to the numeral on another pumpkin.

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Reading Comprehension

This activity is a themed version of my popular WH Questions products. Brian is having a Halloween party at his house. Students read the story portion on each page and answer the WH question below it. Answering the questions can be done as a worksheet or used like an activity where answer cards are placed in the square at the end of the question. An answer key is provided.
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Take a look at these and other Halloween/Pumpkin themed activities in the Superteach56-Special Ed Spot Store. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at superteach56@gmail.com.

Improving Sight Word Knowledge

5 Basic Ways to Improve Sight Word Knowledge

Sight words comprise up to 80% of the words we read. How much classroom instructional time do YOU spend helping your students master these vital words?
 The knowledge of these sight words can help students advance in reading.

We all want our students to be advance readers to make the most progress. Advance readers have enough practice to read words as whole units instead of individually phonemes then blending them together. Practice makes the words familiar and allows your brain to recognize the words as whole units. You see the word "FOG" instead of /f/ /o/ /g/  - fog.

Varying the learning of sight words can help students master sight words quickly.

One idea of how to practice these words is to incorporate multiple senses and motor movement into learning the words. Incorporate tracing with seeing the word. Add writing the word and even spelling the words to include as many senses as possible.

I used to have my students practice and learn their sight words using techniques such as these but I scrambled to gather materials to make it happen. So I have put together a set of sight materials that gathers tracing, reading in isolation, spelling, and reading in context together in one resource without material-gathering I had to do. Now using the sight word spelling cards from the Superteach56-Special Ed Spot store you can incorporate multiple senses into learning the sight words without scrambling for various materials.  This is identical to what I have done with students with severe reading problems for many years. 

In Sight Word Spelling Cards, each word is on a mat by itself. 
  • At the top of each word mat student can trace the sight word. You can also choose to have them color in the letter forms, or even use play-doh to make the letters right on the mat. (This works best when the mat is laminated.) 
  • In the center, you will find one square outlined for each letter in the word. The set comes with letter cards. Cut apart the letter cards and the students use them to spell each word. They can be used as a cut and paste activity or laminate them and use them over and over again.
  • At the bottom of each mat is a simple sentence. The word featured on each mat is highlighted in red. Here students can practice reading each word in context. 

A set of review worksheets in included After the students have learned and practiced the words, they can practice reading the words in context by putting the appropriate sight word from the worksheet word bank into the blank in the sentence. 

Check out this versatile sight word resource in the Superteach56-SpecialEdSpot TpT store.
You can purchase them by sight word grade level or in a money saving bundle.


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