Halloween BASIC SKILLS...BOO👻🎃

Basic skills are a must all year round to keep those foundation skills sharp...especially in a classroom serving students with disabilities. I found that times around holidays, days off were often a great time to focus on honing these basic skills so I liked to have multiple packs of the same skill in different themes. For instance, I often had a basic set of letter cards to work on letter recognition and then I would have additional sets for special times such Labor Day, Christmas, New Years..etc. This way, it brought a variety with the change in themes but I was still working on the same skills if needed.
Today I thought I share with you a few of these items from my store for Halloween/Fall

Here a few items with Halloween and/or fall themes that you may find useful.

 Letter Recognition

This quick and easy to prepare resource provides practice recognizing letters. Provided with the packet of cards is a set of assessment worksheets to aid in tracking progress.

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Letter Sound Recognition

In this Halloween themed resource, students match letters to matching letters and letters to picture that begins with the matching initial sound.

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Number Recognition, Naming and 1 to 1 Correspondence

This versatile resource can be used as a file folder activity or as a matching game. Students match a number to candy corns on a pumpkin to the numeral on another pumpkin.

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Reading Comprehension

This activity is a themed version of my popular WH Questions products. Brian is having a Halloween party at his house. Students read the story portion on each page and answer the WH question below it. Answering the questions can be done as a worksheet or used like an activity where answer cards are placed in the square at the end of the question. An answer key is provided.
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Take a look at these and other Halloween/Pumpkin themed activities in the Superteach56-Special Ed Spot Store. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at superteach56@gmail.com.

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