Summer Surprise Bundles

SUMMER!  Have you reached that goal we yearned for each day? Summer, the time to relax and rejunvenate. But first, I want my students to have something to work on through the summer so I want to put together a summer kit for each one of them.
1. First I start with the container. Sometimes I purchase a blank lunch box but I find those difficult to find. Other things I have used are new blank paint can, small colored pails.

Oriental Trading has some great options for stuff like this. Amazon is another great place to check. Cans

Using their IEP goals, I focus on skills each student needs to be reviewing over the summer. I definitely want to include math and reading in most of the bundles as my kiddos often required repeated practice. Depending on each student's IEP I tailor the the contents of the summer bundle to each individual.  Here are a few guidelines and ideas from what I did. I'm sure you have some great ideas to add!
2. The next thing I do is print off some math fact cards. I use whatever the student needs to practice over the summer. I often include the cards divided into several packets so as not to make the task too big. Some kids will have packs of 10 and others, packs of 5.
3. Next, I include reading sight words. I usually use the words they have mastered immediately prior to the ending of the school year. Often I insert a few half sheet worksheets to provide written practice of the skills. I encourage them to bring these sheets back with them the following year. If they are moving on to another teacher I encourage them to bring them to me just so I can see them.
4. Other things I have included are a few pencils, pencil grips, fun fidgets and sometimes a small box of crayons.

On the outside of my summer surprise bundles, I usually decorate them with permanent marker, acrylic paint or just stickers. One of the most prominent things I include to dress up my bundles are pictures of each student through the school year.
For my final touch of dressing up my bundles, I use letter stickers to spell out their names. I'm a big scrapbook person so I always have stickers around. Plus I am always taking pictures of my students (with their parents permission) and this is a great way to share those memories from the year.

And I have the finished product; a personalized take home summer work bundle.

 Thanks for joining me today and I will see you next time.

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