Reading in the Special Ed Classroom

This is a repost from a blog post I did several years ago. 
There are so many things to look at when we consider reading materials for kids. Do you stay with the reading materials approved by the state or move onto something else.
This is a view how I felt after using PCI Reading Program after implementing in my classroom for several years. I LOVE it then and still love it!

PCI Reading - LOVE IT!!  What about you?
How many of you out there use this program?
I was a firm believer in Edmark Reading and the "miracles"
I had seen it do with students who once believed they couldn't
A few years ago I was introduced to PCI when our county
switched to using it for our students with intellectual disabilities on Alternate Assessment.
I was amazed at how it has helped my students.
It has the basic of what Edmark does and then adds to it.
I love the repetition of the presentation of the words it teaches as well as the
activity sheets it provides for practice.

I have found that some of my students need a little bit more word practice.
In order to provide this additional practice, I developed some worksheets
to give them practice in recognizing, reading and writing the words
learned. You can find those sets in my TPT store.  Worksheets Level 1 and  Worksheets Level 2. These worksheets also work well for students learning sight words and needing extra practice since the words taught in PCI are also basic sight words.

My students have really benefited from the worksheets so I decided to take it one step further and create some review pages and group the words together.  I just finished uploading this new set of worksheets to TPT . Please remember, these are NOT to be used without the complete PCI program. 
Check here for the new product on TPT