De-escalating staff disagreements with these 3 easy steps

As the school year comes to a close or perhaps it already has ended for you - it gives us time to reflect on what our year was like. What were the pluses and minuses of the year. Most importantly, what can we do differently next year to improve things.

One area I always look at is staff relationships. I had a charmed "life" when I was teaching with the personnel I was fortunate to be able to work with. They were talented, caring people and together we made a fantastic team. Were there problems? Yes! Were there disagreements?  Yes!  That is life! overcome. We all had our opinions on would work best and how to achieve it. Sometimes, we butted heads.

Being a teacher in most specials education classrooms means you are a leader of a team of people. As the leader, part of your job is to make sure things integrate together to meet the needs of the students. Even when you have a superb team of professionals working in your classroom, there are going to be times when you disagree about what should be happening in your room, how a child should be worked with or what to do about a behavior. Here are some ideas on how to handle it.

Christine Reeve at Autism Classroom Resources just finished up a series of posts and live video chats about this exact topic.
Take a look at her post and video below.

These are some really great ideas for working with staff issues. Be sure to check them out. 
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