2016 - Starting OFF on the right foot with 10 Teacher Favorite Classroom Items

Get 2016 off on the right foot!

Teaching can be a hard job! So many of us LOVE it so much and we do it because we LOVE it not because we get paid the $$$$$ we should.

New Years is the perfect time to getting off on the right foot and get a fresh start. Get all the right materials you need to do your job. Things that make it easier for you to do your job! Things that will help you stay organized.
The more organized I am, the easier it is for me accomplish goals, complete work in a more efficient manner and just be happier worker.

As I was binding some products today and marveling at how much I really love my new binder with its electric coil inserter. That led me to my new laminator and my array of markers, erasers, pencils, notepads and so many other things.
At that moment I came to this realization... I am obsessed with teaching supplies and equipment.
Now you may say, but Superteach, that isn't anything unique. Many teachers love things like that.
And yes, thats true but now the weird thing for me is..I am retired. I am a full time Teacher Creator Author of materials on Teachers  Pay Teachers and I am still obsessed and possessive of my teacher supplies and equipment.
So today, I thought I would share with you some of my OBSESSIONS. Perhaps you like some of the same things! Please share some of YOUR favorite things with me.

This post includes affiliates links which means the price is the same for you,  but I receive a small commission from the sales, if you make a purchase.


I have found that binding is the answer to almost anything! No, not really, but I do love this collection of gorgeous color binding coils that I just recently purchased to augment my products. The electric coil feature on this machine is awesome and inserts the coil quickly without having to sit and twist the coil into each hole  LOVE this machine!


This laminator is from USI-Laminate for $120.00. I love it because the other one I purchased from the same company about 15 years ago required a pouch to go through the machine and it also did not have a reverse and actually is what killed it in the end. THIS one as you can tell from the picture requires no pouch although you can use one. There is something so satisfying to put your page in one side and see it come out the other all clear and protected. It has a warmup mode where the motor isn't running and has an indicator light that lets you know when it ready to run.


Another on the list of must-have items for a teacher especially when they teach Special Education are teflon scissors with which to cut self-adhesive velcro. If you have ever cut velcro with a regular pair of scissors you know you can end up with a sticky gooey mess all over your scissors from the adhesive. You can clean it and clean it, but some scissors just never recover.


Laminate is imperative if you spend ANY time making materials that will be used in the classroom. I prefer the laminate to be 5 millimeters or higher if the pieces will be handled by the students. I like to have different thicknesses of laminate available for creating product. 7 and 10 mil laminate pouches are my all time favorites but sometimes I have to settle for 5. 


 Markers of every color are a must have item also. I LOVE markers that smells like fruit as well as permanent markers and their funky smell. 


 I have used these binder rings for many years but only the silver ones until I came across these beauties in all kinds of aluminum colors. These are so useful in binding books or task cards or more.

They are also useful in hanging items on hooks around the classroom. Use the command hooks, as my administration was particular in what went up on the walls. Then I used the rings on the cards and hung them on the hooks.

These little guys are carabiner rings. I spent many an hour years ago looking for something like this and never found them. I like using the rings, but also want them to be easy to get on and off the rings.  


Who can do without Post it Notes? I use them for everything. They become notes to myself, colleagues, and even as schedules sometimes on classroom walls. I prefer the Super Sticky ones since when you use those, you don't end up with them falling off the wall as leaves fall off trees in the fall.


 I LOVE these answer BUZZERS. These are made by Learning Resources and are fantastic for groups when taking turns answering; whether that is in a cooperative group lesson or a small group.


The uses for these hooks are endless. They can be used to hold up super student papers, jackets, or even backpacks. These magnet have super hold and can hold up some of the heavier things needed in a classroom. I love the bold colors as they will coordinate with just about any color scheme you might be doing in your room during a particular year. 


For many years, people kept shouting the praises of glue sticks but I stuck with my glue bottles as I like the muscle dexterity it let the students practice and the muscle control they used to place the glue drops in place. But I am a convert now...its Purple glue sticks for me!  I adore these wonderful wipe on purple glue sticks and dry to white glue, PLUS they are washable glue so they come right out. Hurray!

As you can guess, these are just a few things I love to have in my classroom. What things do you like to have?
Thanks for joining me today for a few of my favorite things! 

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