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Teaching Math
Today, for 2 For Tuesdays, I wanted to share about Touch Math. I want to talk  specifically about
teaching counting and number identification and naming. This past year, I taught  several students that had a particularly hard time learning number and counting to 10.
As a teacher of special education working with students with significant disabilities,  many of the kids I work with have great difficulties learning to identify their their numbers and correctly use one to one correspondence to count items.
Many teachers even in general education classes also have students with this problem in learning numbers. One way I have used over the years has been the Touch Math program. This program has been around for a quite awhile and has proven to be quite an effective tool for teaching student with math difficulties.
If you haven't heard of this program, you should look it up. You can click here to see more about it.
Its the best program I have found that works children with many different types of math problems.
It works for children of different ages; from Pre-K through 3 grade. Primarily what TouchMath has done is  assign points to each number that corresponds to the value of the number.TouchMath  provides students with  a multiple sensory way for kids to learn math. The points are single dots in numbers 1-5 and double points (dot plus a ring around the dot). Each number has assigned dots that are affixed to a specific place on the number. The important part of this program is to teach the student HOW to count the dots for each numeral from 1-9.
The Touch Math program uses pictorial objects and dots for the The Touch Points as the students learn to count. First the students can use the pictorial dots (apples, ducks, ladybugs) to learn to touch, count and say the numbers then as they progress, the pictorial objets are faded to dots. Once your students have learned the touch points they have something tangible to touch (the dot) and say the count aloud(say the number). Then using the dots and/or pictorial objects the students can move from counting to adding, in which they use the dots and counting forward to add, In subtraction, the student count backwards and in multiplication and division they count in sequences  to multiply and divide.
Check out this great program! I have seen wonderful things happen when kids realize they really can count or can add!
This week in 2 For Tuesday, I am offering a set of number counting and matching cards with counting points on them. I use them as a supplement to the Touch Math program and it has helped immensely. I also made a set and put them in a work center.
Item 2 today is a review set of worksheets for sight words. These words particularly come from the PCI Reading Program Level 1 but they are also on the Dolch Sight Words list and can be used with any reading program.
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