SUMMER Ahhhhh!

WOW! What a year! I am finished!! What about you?  Have you finished your school year yet? 
Here in Central Florida, we finished our year on the 5th of June. However this year was different for me.  No more school bells for me.  No more IEPs. No more 5:30 mornings. YES!  After teaching for 37 years, I have retired. HURRAY!!!! Clap, clap clap!

Today is Sunday and I'm celebrating the fact I don't have to turn my attention to what needs to be done to prepare for lessons on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday... Well you get the idea. It was kind of a ritual with me. Saturday was mine to have fun, do errands and then SUNDAY- time to turn my thoughts to what I need for teaching. 

It was a long year for many reasons, but for me, it was probably seemed long because it was my last.  Yes, I have retired!  Sometimes I still can't quite wrap my head around it.

I have taught  some in general elementary education classes, but the love of my career was teaching children in different types of Special Education classes or Exceptional Student Education (ESE) as Florida calls it. I taught students with many different types of disabilities from Specific Learning Disabilities in resource and self contained classrooms, Varying Exceptionalities finally students with Intellectual Disabilities (InD) and students on the Autism spectrum.

So does retirement mean I stop caring for educating children with special needs? NO!
So does retirement mean I stop blogging about special education? NO!

What it actually means is I have MORE time to blog, and MORE ideas  to write and share about.
I started blogging a couple of years ago  and have so many little seeds of ideas to share, but teaching my kids took precedence. SO NOW- come along with me on this next journey and lets see what develops of all my little seeds.
Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the graphics

I am so excited at the prospects that lay before me. 
Watch this space for information, give-aways, bloghops and YES - more FREEBIES!


  1. Congratulations on your retirement! I am green with envy, but wish you the best!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement! I am green with envy, but wish you the best!