2 For Tuesday #2

Reading Instruction in Special Education 
What do YOU use in your classroom?
PCI is one of my preferred reading program to use when teaching my self contained class. I love the repetition of the words being  presentation paired with the repeated practice of reading the words.
I have seen many students become fluent readers because of the PCI reading program.
This past year I found some of my students needed a little reinforcement in reading and writing the words after they had been presented in the program.

I developed some supplemental worksheets that can be used in conjunction with the program. Each worksheet gives the student the following activities to practice the words.

1) Trace and Read presents the each word in dotted font
to trace first with arrows to guide correct letter formation
then without the direction arrows. 
2) Find and Circle presents a variety of words in different 
fonts/sizes in which the students must circle the focus
3) Write gives the students practice writing the focus word 
on their own.
4) Cut and Paste provides practice pasting the letters in 
order to form the word after cutting them apart.  

In my store you will find supplemental reading worksheets sets for all 140 words in Level 1, and Level 2 was well as review sets for both levels. Coming in the near future will be both reinforcement and review sets for the new level 3 that is out. This week for you - I am offering my level 2 PCI word worksheet sets at a discount price just for 2 For Tuesday.

The other item I'm offering is a set of Number Counting Worksheets 1-10. These worksheets provide multiple opportunities for students to practice counting, coloring in squares to match the numbers, and matching items with the numerals. 

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