Motor Lab Part 2

Last time I shared with you part of the Motor Moments Motor Lab my class has been doing this year. We use the book, Ready Minds, Ready Bodies, by Athena Oden, P.T. as a guide.

This pictures shows some of my kids doing our "popcorn" warm up exercise. While lying ont ehr backs, the kids pull their legs up to their chests and hold them to the count of 5 then "POP" by letting go of their legs.

POPCORN Warm UP Exercise
It really works to have such catchy names for the exercises. The kids love them and they have lots of fun doing them.
Another great exercise we included was hopscotch. We called it Left Lucy, Rose Righty Hopscotch.  I used it not only as a part of the Motor Lab, but also as a way to teach left and right. below you see to stick characters I made for this activity. Lavender Lucy is on the left and Red Rose is on the right.The kids hop on each square placing their feet in the direction of the sticks on the hopscotch. 2 sticks on one square means both feet on the same square and 1 stick means one foot on the square.
The hopscotch activity is awesome as it requires motor planning to hop from one square to another plus you can work on left and right at the same time. In order to teach this, I started the activity with just 2 squares of the hopscotch and expanded on other squares until the hopscotch was complete.
Next year I would like to expand the lab with several more activities. 
Has anyone done motor labs like this? If you have, I hope you will share it with us.  I'd love to hear about them.

Catch me next time when we will be talking about fidgets!

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