Where Have I Been?

Oh my blog friends and readers - I have missed you!  Its been a rough couple of weeks in Superteach's classroom. Yes, newbies and neophytes, even the experienced ones have them.

Ever have one of those times when no matter what you did; no matter how organized and prepared you were - nothing really went your way; nothing really worked; everything was harder than it should be?
Well that's just what has been going on in my neck of the woods recently and I'm sorry but the blog writing fell by the wayside.  But I have missed it and you, my followers and readers. There were times when I thought  I would get a blog post up, but then something else would come up with a more pressing need.

Well one intensive student  and many consultations and reports later....PLUS one exhausted brain..I'm baaaaccck!
I have never been so glad that I am somewhat of a data person than in the recent month.  Data saved me! It gave me a true picture of what was going on in the classroom and at school. It saved me  a tremendous amount of work to already have my data recorded. At least all I had to do then was tally it, graph it and put it into a report.
I would have to say right now that collecting data is one of the most important things we as special education teachers do. Its like an artist with a brush. Recording that data and having it ready to summarize it so you can "paint" a picture of what your students are doing will speak volumes when presented.

Here's a little Freebie to get you going on my next project! Level 2 of the PCI Worksheets. Even if you don't work with PCI Reading, these words are all Dolch and Fry common sight words.

See you soon!

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