Worksheets on the iPad! Great reinforcer!

Have iPads in your classroom?   I am very fortunate to have two. Right now they may be the two things that I would never teach without- even after Velcro and a laminator. The iPad is an ultra reinforcer to students in so many ways. I have students that will do anything I ask of them if they can do it on the iPad. I have students that will do anything to be able to use them. - things they would never want to complete otherwise.  I found this while reading blogs today. CHECK IT OUT! Thanks for sharing, Autism Tank!!!

I just read this GREAT post from yesterday over at Autism Tank's blog. Be sure and take a look.

 I have to admit, even though I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, I had not thought of doing this.
What a great way to get a paper product onto the iPad quickly and easily and have your students do the work on the iPad. Now I am not as familiar with other tablets as I am the iPad so I am assuming this could be done in some way on other tablets as well. Someone check it out and let me know! I'll be happy to share your information here.
I will not reiterate a great post but I will just share the link and how my first attempt at using the app went, but check out Autism Tank's blog. 
THE APP: Goodnotes. 
In my first and only attempt to see for myself how it worked, I used it with Dropbox and it was fantastic!  This is absolutely amazing. It took my worksheet or in this case, I took a task card page from one of my products from TPT from Dropbox and took a picture of it using the iPad. The app quickly brought the entire product in, put it on the app's bookshelf. Then all I had to do was open it, select the page I wanted to use and voila- I could complete the page with the utensils within the app. 
This is absolutely a simple way to get a worksheet on the iPad. Once the worksheet was in the app, it was ready to write on. You can see from my image below on the left, that you can use a thin pencil or a thicker marker size writing tool within the app. You can also vary the colors the utensil writes in.
Even though I used only the free app, I am thinking of investing the $5.99 price of the full version.
Example of my first time!Success!
Want to try it for yourself?
Select the picture below from my new tracing set to try it on your own.

Be sure and try it!  My mind is FILLED with ideas of how to use it with my students!  Thanks again to Autism Tanks!
As a treat for part of my last week of summer...Download a special peak at my new tracing product with QR codes that will be out later today.
Until Next Time!

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