Social Skills ~ What Socials skills do you work on the MOST?

Happy FRIDAY all!

How is your summer going? Mind is flying by way too fast!
Just a quick note to ask for some help. 
What  social skill do you find the most difficult to teach?  I'm writing a post with a freebie for Monday regarding social skills.
I really would love it if you could share some of your experiences teaching social skills. 

Don't forget-- MONDAY is MARVELOUS MONDAY and that means you get a FREEBIE!
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. As a para, I worked with non-verbal kids. I would say that personal space is the hardest thing for me to teach. Inappropriate touching, that sort of thing.

    As a lead teacher, I have no idea what social skills will be most challenging for the group of children I'll have for this school year.

    I *highly* anticipate your post on Monday!

    1. Iva,
      You are so right about personal space. I find I'm always having to work on that. I've tried using visuals and body language such as arm's length but it still remains one of the most challenging for me as well.

  2. Kids constantly putting things in their mouths: fingers, glue, theirs shirt or coats, stuff laying around the room, etc. I have tried gum,necklaces,bracelets, reinforcers, plastic tubes on the end of pencils, and other oral sensory items, and well as social stories. They persist. And the other one I struggle with is touching their private parts. I teach middle school so kids are starting to go through middle school. I teach sex ed, and use the circles curriculum, as well as social stories but it's hard to overcome with certain students. If you have ideas for these, I would love to hear them. Thanks.

    1. Jannike;
      Wow I hadn't thought about the one of putting things in their mouth and that actually is one I will be working on this year with a new student. With another child I used the Chewies or Chewlry. I teach elementary so that may not work for your age level.Social stories would be what I would try also, plus role playing and video modeling.

      I have never had to do the sex ed! That must be very challenging!

    2. Just going out on a limb here - but if chewy tubes and the like don't prevent this behavior, I wonder if it's habit (shirt and fingers), or hunger/curiosity (glue sticks).