Marvelous Monday Freebie Day!

Happy Marvelous Monday! I hope everyone out there is having a great one!

Wow! What a lot of years. I could hardly believe it this year when I received a pin commemorating my 35 years of teaching.  It almost came as a shock to me. How could I have been doing this for so long?  Well, its plain and simple I LOVE THIS JOB!!!! No day, no week, no year is the same especially in a special education classroom.

Have you ever had those years when you just aren't satisfied with the job you did?  You aren't sure where the next supply of passion is going to come from?  I have had years like that ... but it certainly WAS NOT this one! This year I gained  a new found passion and enthusiasm for teaching and it's come partially from beginning to make teaching products myself and selling them. It is coming from the opportunity to share with others what works for me and getting out on the web and in the blogs and finding what is working  for others like me and what can I gain from others?

  It  also comes from having awesome support in the job place from my phenomenal paraprofessional to a fantastic speech/language clinician and a wonderful talented lead Exceptional Education Teacher. Here in FL we call it Exceptional Education or ESE but I really prefer to be "Special"  as in Special Education as it is in many other parts of the country. It's people like I have the honor to work with, and my students, that make it so wonderful to go back every Monday.
I love the beginning a new week in my job!  Kids come back refreshed (most of the time) and it's an opportunity to start anew. In my classroom, we call it MARVELOUS Monday!  We always share on Monday mornings what our weekend was like, what goals we want to accomplish during the week.
In honor of Marvelous Monday, even though school isn't in session for me, I am going to start a Marvelous Monday FREEBIE! Every Monday I will put up a new freebie that hopefully you will find useful in your teaching as I have in mine.  I hope you enjoy!
What is YOUR best part of teaching?
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Great freebie. This will be a perfect summer review for my daughter.

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  3. Thanks for the freebie! I just started a special Ed blog. I would love it if you stopped by! :D
    Thanks again!