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--> Ever just know you were in the place you were supposed to be, doing what you were supposed to do?
Well, I have!  I have always felt that teaching is what I was meant to do in life and special education kids are the lives I'm supposed to touch. I guess it comes from growing up in a family that has been involved in education for many years. Both my grandfathers were involved in education; one was a school board member and the other started as a teacher and worked his way up to superintendent. My aunt, Cora, was a very special influence on my becoming a teacher. She was the first Special Education teacher, I knew and you pair that with an older sister with special needs and VOILA! You get a special education teacher in the making. ME!
Fast Forward to the present... and here we are today... on a blog. 
What's this blog about, you asked? What can you get out of it? 
I have been teaching for a long time and hopefully I have a few tidbits to share that may help you in your teaching with your students, but I would like this to be a place that has a lot of information about teaching; tips, giveaways, freebies and sharing. 
For our first freebie and for stopping by in the next couple of days please download my ice cream cones hour and half hour center at 

Ice Cream hour and half-hour center activity. 

Watch this space closely for new things to come! See you soon!

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