Thanks to Autism Classroom News for pointing me in the direction of Farley's Oh' Boy Fourth Grade and the cute Currently she does. What a great idea and a fantastic way to find new blogs and bloggers. Click the currently below to go to her blog

LISTENING  - I almost always have something going on in the background. Today its HGTV. Right now...the REHAB ADDICT but I have to admit I really prefer the Scott Brothers shows such a Property Brothers or Buying and Selling.

LOVING  - Jake and Kismet are my two cutie pie PUGS. They spend most of their time interrupting me while I'm working - trying to vie for my attention. I get distracted trying to give them equal attention. I always feel bad for the "underdog".

THINKING  - Its getting to be late Sunday and all my household items I haven't done are beginning to do their usual Sunday evening creep into my thoughts. What will I get done in time and what will wait? We will see!

WANTING  - SPRING BREAK!!  Oh Spring Break...why can't you be here already!  3 weeks to go. .... and counting.

NEEDING  -  MORE TIME!!  I need more time...more time to make things for my students, more time to do blog posts and just more time!  Anyone got EXTRA time?  lol

??????  - Leave your guess in the comments below as to the what the question is to my Autismate answer.
Here's a new spin on a FREEBIE.. First person to guess my question will get a product of their choice from my TPT store FREE!

Everyone have a great week!
More next time!