Reteach, reteach reteach

Lately I found that several of my kiddos have taken a back slide on alphabet letter recognition. This was  material we learned last year and reviewed at the beginning of this year, but as I am sure you have experienced, for one reason or another, we often find ourselves needing to reteach concepts.
Recently, I found myself in this position but felt I had exhausted my alphabet materials and needed something new to present these two precious girls with to help them regain this skill.
ALPHA CUPS provides the kids with extra ways to practice letter recognition.
Alpha cups originally began by mounting a capital letter on one cup and its matching lower case on another. Kids then match the letters and name them by stacking the like letters together, as seen below.
 These alpha cups are also good for working on sequencing of letters in the alphabet and can be grouped easily into whatever groups your students need extra help with. The pages can even be cut apart and placed on a file folder. Then students can match the letters and name them or even give the sound associated with the letter by matching them to the cards in the file folder.

 TIP: One of the greatest things that has helped me in my years of teaching is organization. Figure out your organization method from the start and stick to it. Perhaps you think best if things are organized by color; then organize your materials by color: Reading activities could be blue, math red and writing green. This makes materials easy to find in storage closets, makes them easy to use in the classroom and helps the students know which activities go with which subject.

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Been some crazy weeks at this teacher's classroom lately so haven't been blogging much😧! 

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Kismet says:

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Meet Kismet - my sweet pug. She misses me greatly when I'm working. She thinks we need to do something different and new.   So...keep on reading!

School has started! Labor Day has come and gone. It's week 4 of the new school year here and the memories of the wonderful days of summer are fading fast!

I find my mind once again consumed  with what will work best for my students, state standards, and I am feeling a little boost is needed so I am passing this boost forward to YOU, my friends, my followers, blog readers and customers!

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