Kismet says:

         It's time for something SPECIAL for my followers, and friends!

Its the beginning of the school year, and everyone could use a few more things to make that lesson coming up...just perfect! Now is your chance!

So here's what's happening. 

WHAT:     It's a 24 hour BACK TO SCHOOL BOGO SALE!!
WHEN:  It starts at midnight Sunday  9/7/14 and lasts just 24 hours.

You will find activities for a variety of reading skills that include letter names, sounds, phonics, word analysis, comprehension, rhyming, sight words, and vocabulary. There are activities for math that include number concepts, greater than less than, colors, money, touch numbers, telling time, color words and decomposing numbers. You will also find activities for writing words and sentence construction.

 Here's what you do!

1.Click the link  below.
Superteach's Special Ed TPT Store
Superteach56 TPT Store
2. Browse the store until your heart's content and find the perfect item or items for you.
3. Purchase the items you have chosen.
4. Choose an item of equal or lesser value for EACH ITEM just purchased. Email  your TPT username PLUS the name of the BOGO items you would like  to I will send you a free copy of the item of your choice. VOILA!! Buy One Get One!!!

Have fun!
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